The Beginning…

When my two daughters were young, in 1998, I started smashing plates and it was no coincidence! If you are a parent you know what I mean, I really needed an outlet. So, I saw a smashed plate picture frame in a gift shop and without having a clue about what I was doing (long before YouTube), I started creating plate shard art, did nothing else for many years and loved it, with a hammer as my only tool. As you can imagine, I gave many gifts.

Then in 2006, my sister went to Morocco and bought gorgeous pottery that her husband dropped in Logan Airport. She quickly found a mosaic class, said I had to come, and it was love at first class. Until then I didn’t even know there were mosaic tools.

I started collecting supplies and finally my husband said lovingly, you either need to open a studio or stop collecting. Since stopping wasn’t an option, I opened a studio in my home, in 2012. To my amazement, people started coming and soon we couldn’t all fit into my spare bedroom studio.

During this time, I was an occupational therapist in an elementary school. I retired, and in 2013, I opened my studio in Holliston, in an old wax paper factory across the street from the middle and elementary schools and never looked back.

It gradually grew. Before the pandemic, in 2019 alone I had 2000 students, loving every minute of it.

Since the pandemic I teach online Zoom classes, which work surprisingly well! I supply kits (pick-up or mailed) and life goes on, albeit altered for now.

The art in the studio has progressed greatly over the years from simple mosaics, to a full cadre of mixed media mosaics, from mosaic jewelry, to wall art and furniture. We have unlimited supplies to make your dreams a reality.

I also was selling my work at local craft shows, and will continue when craft shows begin to run again.

My Philosophy

How many times do I hear “I’m not creative, my sister is the creative one. I can’t draw a straight line.” Think for a minute. Who told you that? A teacher, parent, sibling? And then we go along believing it!

Personally, my older sister is the writer/poet and my younger sister is the athlete. I was the artist in the family, at least inside my home, not in the classroom! I didn’t see myself as an artist until I was in my 50’s and found mosaic art!

It is time to make a shift and, amaze yourself! Mosaics is the perfect place to start in the visual art world, as the glass/tile is so beautiful, anything you make is beautiful. Like I always say, you can’t do art wrong. I provide all the great glass and materials, teach you the principles and guide you along your path.  It is my job to make you proud of what you walk out of the studio or online classes with!  Come play with me!