My main inspiration is nature. I love watching water, how it makes impressions in sand, how weeds work their way around and through rocks, and how flowers appear in the least expected places. I love seeing the sheen of water and the mica in rocks, seeing reflections in puddles, how rain sparkles on leaves after the morning dew. I strive to have these moments depicted in my work.

My process involves cutting mirrors, breaking pottery and plates, cutting glass and tiles, using beads (from my old jewelry business), and seeking out jewelry that will enhance my designs. After I place the pieces and arrange them in a design, I grout, using varied colors. In my free time I enjoy going to antique stores, craft shops, stained glass stores, bead stores, and yard sales gathering supplies for my work. My favorite supply source is nature, looking for rocks in a river, shells and sea glass at the beach or finding sticks in the woods.

My work depicts how I see the world and what I love.