All materials included and all levels welcome

All in-studio classes have been postponed due to Covid-19.  I am looking forward to seeing you again when we can.   


Please take note, we are having a great time with our live online classes!  

Stay safe!

Once we are back in the studio, beginners start one of two ways.

You can attend a:

  1. Weekly class – where you will be decorating coasters or light switch covers, learn to cut and shape the glass, glue and grout
  2. Specialty class (Windows, Create Mosaic Jewelry, etc.), where you will learn a specific skill.

Continuing students are welcome to move onto a project of their choice.  A common second project is plate smashing. Yes, break plates with a hammer which is as much fun as it sounds! Learn to position the shards and pick grout colors to enhance the design on a picture frame or tile.

Often people bring family items, (costume jewelry, photographs, chipped plates, shell/rock/coin collections, buttons, etc.) handed down from loved ones, that are sitting in a drawer. Bring them to life by creating wall art that you can enjoy daily. If you would like, we can add complementary materials (rocks, shells, jewelry, mirrors, beads, plates, etc.) from my studio to your supplies. Create art that will make you smile and remember that special person.

The possibilities are endless, come join the fun!

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