In-studio classes are starting on April 20th to vaccinated people.  I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!    

 Stay safe!


Adult Mosaic Art Classes, In-Studio

Cheryl Cohen Mosaics Art Center is a Holliston art studio where children and adults can laugh and create!  It’s a great place to explore your creative expression in a supportive, relaxed environment!  No previous art experience is necessary.

To see student work go Facebook page, click here, and check out my child and adult albums!


beach cottage summer mosaic

Morning Mosaics

Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 10-12:30


  • one class – $45
  • 4 class package – $145
  • 10-class package – $325

Come try mosaic art!  Beginners start with making a coaster or light switch cover. No need to come with ideas, we just start off learning to use the tools and most make an abstract piece.

The next project is often plate smashing (yes, smashing plates with a hammer) and decorating a picture frame with plate shards. Cheryl will show you how to use the tools to shape the plate shards or glass.

Or, you can make a project of your choice with the wide variety of materials in the studio; tables, trays, vases, pendants, and more! For those of you with experience or interest in a specific project, we will talk about where you want to start and go from there.  This class is for all levels.

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Thursday Evening Mosaics: On hold for now, but let me know if you are interested in this class, mid September!

blue mosaic turtle tray, adult classDate: Ongoing, rolling admission

Time: 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.

Fee: One class – $45, four pack – $145 ($36 per class) and 10 family pack – $325 ($32.50 per class)

Ages: 16+

In this class students work on projects of their choice, at their individual level.  Beginners are welcome and will start with a coaster or light switch cover, then be given a variety of options if they want to continue learning!

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Ladies’ Night Out Specialty Class Create Mosaic Jewelry – (jewelry putty technique)


  • Fri, Aug 13, 2021
  • Fri, Sept 10, 2021
  • Fri, Oct 15, 2021
  • Fri, Nov 12, 2021
  • Fri, Dec 10, 2021

Time: 7-9:30 pm
Fee: One class – $50, four pack – $145 and 10 family pack – $325 (class packages can be used toward any weekly 2 1/2 hour class)
Ages: Adult only, byob!

I bring out my best bling, sterling silver bases, plus my entire jewelry “salad bar”!   With my guidance, magic happens!

Learn the ins and outs of how to make mosaic pendants using a putty technique, which involves pressing glass, beads and more into an epoxy putty.  No firing needed, you can take them home that night!  You can use glass, tile, shells, rocks and more to create your unique piece of art. These make special keepsakes and amazing gifts!

All supplies to create one pendant/earring are included in the class fee, and sterling silver-plated bases will be available at an additional fee.

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No previous jewelry or mosaic experience needed, Byob!

mother daughter mosaics fun

Mosaic Saturday (great for parent/child or if you can’t make it during the week)!


  • Sat, Aug 14, 2021
  • Sorry, no Mosaic Saturday in Sept
  • Sat, Oct 16, 2021
  • Sat, Nov 13, 2021
  • Sat, Dec 11, 2021

Time: morning – 10-12:30, afternoon  (Starting in the fall – 12:45-3:15, full day 10-3:15)

Fee: One class – morning or afternoon $45, full day $85.  Students with class packages can use them toward these classes, just be sure to check to see if there is room available in class.

Ages: vaccinated students of all ages.

Come try a new kind of art! Whether you feel you are or are not creative or have experience in the arts, Cheryl walks you through the process and make it easy!

Beginners, come and make a coaster/decoration or light switch cover.  Learn to use the mosaic wheeled cutters to shape glass pieces. Your project can be completed in one session and grout will be given to you to finish at home, or you can sign up for another class, four or 10 pack, to complete your project.

Or if you are a ongoing student, or are an experienced mosaicist, Saturdays are a great time to work on your projct or start a new one.

If you have another thought, talk with Cheryl as there is some flexibility. Just be sure to register to make sure there is room in the class.

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Specialty Classes:

Windows student beach


I’m so excited to start up my Window’s classes again! It’s only a 4 hour class (2 hour class prior if you want to cut glass for your project, see below), beginners welcome, no previous art experience necessary!
The work dries overnight and pick-up is the next day. All materials included. Don’t need a large window? Make small picture framed-sized pieces. Such a fun class!


  • Wed, June 9, 1-5:00, 2021
  • Sat, July 31, 11-3:00, 2021
  • Wed, Aug 18, 1-5:00, 2021
  • Sun, Sept 26, 11-3:00, 2021

Time: 4-hour class

Fee: $185, includes window or two frames (approx. 8×10 to 14×16), and all supplies

Optional: “Lighthouses, Flowers, Water and More,” (combined with Windows class, $225), 2 hour class prior to the windows class if you want to cut glass and make stained glass components for your window!  Without this 2-hour class, you can make a window with the “sprinkle” technique as seen in this picture (no cut glass).  See below class for more information.

Ages: 16 and up

We will be learning to mix, pour and de-bubble resin, and the ins and outs of designing windows! Supplies are included however, feel free to bring sea glass, shells, and other items/shards to incorporate into your piece. Bring what you like and I’ll tell you what will work.  Clear items work well so that the sun can reflect through them, if you are going to put the window in a window. If you are going to put it on a wall, any non-porous item can be used.
The class fee includes all materials (including the window or two prepared picture frames). You are welcome to bring your own window (no larger than approx. 36×30). Additional picture frame sized pieces can be made for $25 each.

Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather that can get messy, as the windows need to stay open for ventilation and the adhesive is sticky. So no AC or heat while making windows. Long hair needs to be in a ponytail.

The windows need to dry overnight, so you are welcome to pick up your piece during my regularly scheduled classes, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10-12:30 or Thursdays 4:15-10 pm. Check my schedule online for Friday and Saturday class times also.

These projects are large, so class size is limited to the first 8 people who register online. Sorry I’m unable to hold spaces open without registration.

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Windows AND Making lighthouses, flowers, water, trees and more! 


  • Wed, June 9, 11-5:00, 2021
  • Sat, July 31, 9-3:00, 2021
  • Wed, Aug 18, 11-5:00, 2021
  • Sun, Sept 26, 9-3:00, 2021

Fee: $45, students on a 4 or 10-pack can use one of their classes, or $40 for students who register for both this class and the windows class (see combined option).

Want to learn how to cutting curves and lines?  In this class you will learn how to use mosaic tools and stained-glass tools (wheeled cutters, table straight cutter, scorer, score one cutter) to achieve the cut you desire!  Obviously, all these techniques improve with practice, but you will get a taste of what the right tool is for the right cut, and have practice with each.

This is a wonderful class for:

  • Ongoing students who want to improve their skills
  • new students that want to take a Windows! class and want a more intricate design (i.e. lighthouse, flowers, trees and more)
  • new students that want an overview of cutting skills

This class can be used in two ways.  Some students may use the full class to prepare for the windows class or a larger project (choosing glass and cutting shapes) and others may want to use the last hour to start a small mosaic piece (approx. 4×6”) with the pieces you have cut.

Join us to learn more about glass!  All levels welcome!

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Succulent mosaic

Create Mosaic Succulents! 

I’m excited to offer my new succulent in-studio class!

This class is open to all levels; beginners are welcome. Materials are included in the class fee.

  • Friday, June 4, 10-2:00 and June 11th 10-1:00, 2021
  • Wed, Aug 4, 10-2:00, Aug 11, 10-1:00, 2021
  • Sun, Aug 8, 10-2:00, Aug 15, 10-1:00, 2021
  • Sat Oct 23, 1-5:00 and Sun, Oct 24, 10-1:00, 2021

This class will be offered in two sessions:

The first class is 4 hours. We will view a PowerPoint presentation where we review the process creating succulents out of china/pottery/ceramics and stained glass. We will discuss what materials and tools are needed, and what type of pottery works best. We will also make two succulents together.

The second class is the succulent composition class, 3-hours, on how to assemble the succulents into the finished piece, what natural materials to gather and how to create a cohesive background. You can gather your materials and succulents at home or can use the materials I have at the studio. Inexpensive substrate options from wood to frames will be discussed. In addition, we will learn to make grasses/succulents out of the adhesive putty.

The completed succulents can be used as wall art, as a table centerpiece or used to augment plant pots, picture frames and more.

Fee – $195

This is an introductory class. If you want to further explore creating succulents, you are welcome to do so in my weekly in-studio classes (you can purchase a single class, a 4-pack, or a 10-pack).

Materials will be available for purchase if you would like to practice your new skills at home.

If you are an ongoing student with a class package (4 or 10-pack) you will receive a 10% discount of the class fee.

Missed Class Policy:

With 4 days notice you can move your class to another scheduled class.

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Alcohol Inks with Crash Glass!

Date: Stay tuned, this will be scheduled soon!   

Fee: $135 (includes a $20 supply fee, all supplies included)

Ages: 16 through adult

Alcohol Ink is a highly pigmented and fast drying medium with intense color. We will explore several techniques to apply the ink including: brushes, markers droppers, felt stamp, spray bottle and sponges. After layering and blending the inks, we will cover the surface with ‘crashed’ tempered glass to create a unique effect with incredible depth.

You can choose to:
1) use the full session to explore the alcohol inks
2) complete one piece with the alcohol ink, apply the crash glass and take your piece home to grout
3) explore at your leisure and complete the project in future classes!

I’m excited to have Lee Berman, a well known artist in our community, teaching this class!

Date: Stay tuned, this will be scheduled soon!
Fee: $155 (includes a $30 supply fee, for base, mirrors, adhesive, rocks, slate, glass and more)
Ages: 16 through adult
Come join this brand-new class on making mosaics with natural materials!  Mosai-stix is my newest obsession!
Join us to create your own Mosai-Stix piece!

All materials are included in the class fee.  I have limitless rocks, glass and other embellishments to complete your piece!  Feel free to to gather materials prior to the class, ideally two weeks prior to class so that the sticks will have time to dry out.  Additionally, if you have rusted metal, old keys, or other weathered items please bring them to use or share.

You will learn to mix and apply a cement based adhesive and about composition, balance, and contrast that will make your piece into work of art!

We will create on a 22×7 inch base with 3 mirrors (above).  Everyone works at different rates, so you may or may not complete your piece in the allotted time.  If not you may need additional class time to complete your piece, or if you are close to finishing, you can bring materials home.  If you would like a different mirror/base that is approximately the same size you are welcome to bring it (wood or a wood composite is best for the base), however it may also take additional time/sessions to complete.

If you need additional classes, you are welcome to attend any of my Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday $45 classes, that are listed under class registration. You can purchase one class, or save per class by purchasing a class package (a 4 or 10-pack) if you want to continue your mosaic journey!  No need to come consecutive weeks, just pick the class(es) you want to attend, check with me to see if there is room in class, and you are all set!  All my classes are mixed levels so you will fit right in.

Mosai-Stix class size is limited to 10 participants, so sign up today!

Create Mosaic Tile using Polymer Clay!
Date: will be scheduled after the pandemic
Fee: $245 (includes a $60 supply fee, for base, clay, adhesive, jewelry, beads, charms and more)
Ages: 16 through adult
Lee Berman and I will be teaching this amazing class. No previous experience is required, perfect for beginners or advanced.
Learn to make your own tiles using cookie cutters, texture stamps, and more, add embellishments (beads, gems, crystals and charms) then create your own unique mosaic!

All materials are included, but feel free to bring beads, old or broken jewelry, gems and more to add to your piece.

We’d love you to joined us!